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Our Data Management Vision

Next Generation Data Management Solutions. Command Your Data – Digitalize Your Business.

  • Master Your Digitalization Challenge!

    Create an enterprise data innovation architecture, which facilitates the rapid and agile creation of novel and unforseen use cases.

  • Establish a common understanding and accessibility of data!

    Establish a common understanding of the structure and meaning of data among individuals, departments, value chains or industries.

  • Create an enterprise data innovation layer!

    Create a systematic enterprise data innovation layer leveraging vocabularies, Linked Data, knowledge graphs or Semantic Data Lakes to facilitate innovate data-driven use cases and enterprise agility.

  • Realize the potential of digitalization

    As a result data can be seamlessly exchanged in a secure way between trustworthy parties in the enterprise and value chain to increase agility, efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately realize the potential of digitization.

Our Data Management Services


eccenca is creating the next generation of data management solutions that enable seamless integration and effortless combination of previous silo data. Learn more about how semantic data solutions for GDPR, Supply Chain, Banking and Manufacturing Excellence reduce the burden on legacy IT while facilitating the reuse of distributed data.


eccenca solutions drive data integration and simplify the use of heterogeneous, distributed data across departments and companies. We offer cutting-edge data management for IoT and Smart Solutions. Learn how to link data company-wide and synchronize it securely and intelligently with your business partners.

Recent News

The many-to-many relations between domains and aspects of data management within a company.eccenca GmbH

Practical Guide on "How to technically implement GDPR"

In a new whitepaper eccenca GmbH defines the technical challenges of GDPR for companies and explains the advantages of a semantic data management.

eccenca joined APICS task force

eccenca joined a task force representing key corporate members of the American Production and Inventory Control Society - supply chain council (APICS).

eccenca CEO Chris Brockmann speaks at TIB-L3S Transfer Symposium - Hannover, March 6, 2018

Our CEO Chris Brockmann will speak about the benefits of research collaborations between academia and industry and the transfer of semantic technologies to large scale industrial applications.

Why GDPR calls for a semantic solution

A GDPR implementation based on semantic technologies will be minimally invasive wrt. to existing workflows, systems and processes while at the same time ensuring the flexibility and agility of the organization is not hampered.


We simplify and accelerate your data management for the realization of your digitization strategy.