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Command your data by turning Strings into Things!


eccenca is creating the next generation of data management solutions that enable seamless integration and effortless combination of previously silo data. eccenca is capturing the meaning of information previously locked up in applications and makes it accessible in combination with the data in a personalized, meaningful and even machine interpretable way. By doing so, eccenca helps managers automate data driven processes, increase the reliability of reports and expedite decision processes.

Use Case Samples:

  • Data Integration
  • Big Data Cataloging
  • Predictive Analytics & BI


Complexity and rigidity of existing IT paradigms have lead us to the point where the focus of IT is no longer on serving the business, but on keeping the ship afloat. At the same time business users are starving for support in particular in the field of data access and analytics. Learn more about how semantic solutions can reduce the burden on legacy IT while at the same time freeing up resources and allowing the IT department to refocus on customer satisfaction as their primary objective.


Use Case Samples

  • Regulatory Reporting for Banks
  • Supply-Chain Data for Manufacturing

eccenca solutions are all about putting data to use, giving users better access to data and making data available in a meaningful way. To this end eccenca has identified three distinct use-case scenarios that we are addressing with dedicated products:

Products Overview

  • Corporate Memory: Data integration, reconciliation and semantic lifting for enterprises
  • Enterprise Search: Data and document discovery and search for enterprises



eccenca's next generation data management solution are driving automation and rationalization for data integration, analytics and data driven processes. By turning strings into things, eccenca is creating meaningful and machine interpretable knowledge graphs that allow the integrative interpretation of previously siloed data across the enterprise or even throughout value networks.

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