eccenca's next generation data management solutions are driving automation and rationalization for data integration, analytics and data driven processes. By turning strings into things, eccenca is creating meaningful and machine interpretable knowledge graphs that allow the integrative interpretation of previously siloed data across the enterprise or even throughout value networks.



eccenca GmbH was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of brox IT Solutions GmbH and a spin-off from Leipzig University's Institute for Applied Informatics. Our roots run deep in information management, and our staff is dedicated to improving the accessibility, usability and accuracy of all data that feeds business critical reports. We understand that CEOs, CFOs, CDOs, and Risk Managers need total confidence that data originating within their corporate networks reflect a true and authentic view of the enterprise. We also know that senior leaders must be certain that their domain key performance indicators are valid and up-to-date.


To meet these needs, eccenca is creating the next generation of data management solutions that enable seamless access to and integration of disparate data sources.  We build products that facilitate enterprise data discovery and Enterprise Search. eccenca moved beyond traditional reporting methods that may present a distorted view of reality, or amplify a false sense of security. Using our new data management technologies called eccenca Enterprise Search Suite and eccenca Linked Data Suite, we help our clients reach a deeper understanding a facts and statistics. With Enterprise Search and Linked Data our clients see the big picture, and their performance indicators are shown within a broader context. Our solution captures significant information that was previously locked up in applications or silos. By tapping into more and relevant corporate data, reports can be viewed in the proper context, and all the information becomes personalized, consequential, and even machine interpretable.


eccenca enables managers to automate data-driven processes like the integration of Two-Speed-IT landscapes, risk and supply-chain management, Business Intelligence, and regulatory reporting. We believe that our information management solutions help companies be more productive, more competitive and better able to satisfy their customers’ needs.



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