eccenca GmbH based in the centre of Leipzig provides technology, tools and expertise in the areas of Enterprise Search and Linked Data. Eccenca is particularly focused on innovative, sustainable and marketable solutions and products.


Products & Solutions

  • eLDS Logo

    eccenca Linked Data Suite

    The integration of data and information within companies remains an unresolved issue despite technologies such as Web services, SOA and enterprise mashups. eccenca Linked Data Suite offers a stable infrastructure proven in customer projects to easily open up the potential of linked data to the company.

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  • eESS Logo

    eccenca Enterprise Search Suite

    The sophisticated eccenca Enterprise Search Suite for enterprise search and information logistics is the ideal platform, facilitating fast, meaningful and personalized search results within the company. eESS offers a sustainable, globally recognized architecture guaranteed by the Eclipse Foundation.

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  • Information Integration Logo

    Information Integration

    Use the Linked Data approach with our products both to integrate heterogeneous data structures that have evolved over time and to produce a global and consistent view of your company’s data.

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  • Information Access Logo

    Information Access

    Benefit from our experience and products to organise and interpret your corporate knowledge with enterprise search technologies. Also use Linked Data’s potential to connect this knowledge to a knowledge network.

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  • Information Publishing Logo

    Information Publishing

    Use our solutions for data publishing according to to communicate product and location information clearly and without loss in almost any level of detail on the Internet.

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