Manufacturing: eccenca leads development of SCORVoc and heads APICS Supply-Chain Council working group to develop Supply-Chain 4.0 templates

eccenca, a leader in semantic data integration and lifting, has collaborated with Infineon and Fraunhofer IAIS over the past two years in developing a semantic data model designed to disambiguate data used within the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model KPI structure. This data model called SCORVoc is to be found either at GitHub or the APICS Supply-Chain Council SCOR website. By defining the meaning and specifics of the data used, companies can make KPIs more meaningful and comparable either for internal benchmarking or for anonymized benchmarking with their peers. Semantic data specifications will allow for automated interpretation of data shared across value chains and thus are a prerequisite for implementing what is considered to be Supply-Chain 4.0 scenarios.


Preliminary Goals of the APICS SC Working Group include:


  • Develop a Supply Chain data model linked to SCOR v11.0 that will be the industry standard for data exchange across supply chains.
  • Create implementation guides for use cases of different complexity.
  • Implement proof of concept implementation among various project partners and scenarios.
  • Provide Supply Chain thought leadership on Digital Supply Chain and interact with APICS SCC Research Committee on future in-depth research.
  • Provide thought leadership on the convergence of technology, SCOR framework, and Supply Chain network design to support digital business.
  • Describe the need for integrating advanced analytics with the new data visibility.
  • Provide foundation for Digital Supply Chain education outline for further APICS development.



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