GDPR done right can help to prevent significant follow-up costs and become a driver for the data-driven digitization of your company.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is requiring organizations to systematically document data and processes dealing with personal information. To comply with the regulation, either costly and error prone manual or semi-automated processes can be established or GDPR compliance can be automated as much as possible, so that running compliance costs are minimized. With eccenca’s semantic data management, data sources comprising personal information can be described and interlinked, so that identifying and documenting personal data handling and corresponding actions (e.g. deletions on users request) can be performed in an flexible and automated manner. eccenca’s GDPR solution not only helps organizations to comply with GDPR but helps organizations to become data-driven, to establish a systematic data asset management and to address the opportunities of digitization in general. Learn more about the eccenca GDPR solution in our January Webinar.

Webinar: Comply with GDPR in five simple steps, with fixed budget and within 3 months timeframe