Use eccenca Corporate Memory to virtualize the access to your data by utilizing domain ontologies and providing big data scalability. Corporate Memory lets you forget about ETL processes but creates an ever growing knowledge base and data dictionary for your corporate data landscape. We provide means to lift your data into a virtual representation in a domain ontology featuring automatic data profiling and active machine learning. We allow to define data linking, transformation and integration as well as dataset preparation workflows based on the domain ontologies in use. Corporate Memory perfectly integrates with Hadoop and leverages datasets in your data lake. We add the asked for piece of management capabilities to tame the chaos in your data lake by managing the datasets and its metadata and allowing to trace lineage and provenance through our full process and tool chain.


eccenca Corporate Memory connects old or current data with new technologies. We bridge the gap between yesterday’s legacy systems, and today’s aggregated data lake. eccenca Corporate Memory manages huge quantities of data with dozens of data sources. It is based on an advanced data discovery model, combining the capabilities of semantic technology and big data scalability with structured data connectivity. This approach enables eccenca to substantially improve access to information. Our solution is most powerful by combining visual knowledge graphs with large data lakes. Corporate Memory extends existing document-based corporate intranets, often containing disparate or silo databases, to include all relevant sources of data. It creates a single and comprehensive repository of the company’s key operational data and metrics.


eccenca Corporate Memory combines knowledge graphs and big data lakes by realizing:


  • Flexible metadata and schema layer
  • Data virtualization and analytics
  • Data integration and indexing
  • KPI transparency and big data scalability

eccenca Corporate Memory is composed of a set of seamlessly integrated components:


next generation of enterprise data exchange


links, integrates and transforms data, manage KPI trees

  • decentralized data exchange infrastructure for any type of intra- and inter-company data communication
  • complete, current, machine readable
  • semantically clear
  • open, extensible and flexible format
  • execution of linkage and integration rules
  • creation of rules with integrated visual editor
  • automatic machine learning of rules
  • extensible operator library


creates and manages knowledge graphs


provides storage

abstraction and virtualization

  • extensible UI framework
  • data agnostic browser and editor
  • tree, list and resource views
  • (inline) editing, versioning browser and query interface
  • authentication and fine grained authorization (context and graph)
  • versioning and change set management
  • graphs management
  • REST, SPARQL 1.1, OAuth, R2RML, LDAP

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