eccenca Corporate Memory - Data integration, reconciliation and semantic lifting for enterprises


eccenca Corporate Memory virtualizes the access to your data by utilizing domain ontologies and provide big data scalability. Corporate Memory lets you forget about ETL processes but creates an ever growing knowledge base and data dictionary for your corporate data landscape. We provide means to lift your data into a virtual representation in a domain ontology featuring automatic data profiling and active machine learning. We bridge the gap between yesterday’s legacy systems, and today’s aggregated data lake. Our solution is most powerful by combining visual knowledge graphs with large data lakes. It creates a single and comprehensive repository of the company’s key operational data and metrics. Learn more

eccenca Enterprise Search Suite - Data and document discovery and search for enterprises


The eccenca Enterprise Search Suite infrastructure for enterprise search and information logistics is the perfect solution for obtaining meaningful and personalized search results within your corporate intranet. eccenca Enterprise Search Suite provides maximum flexibility through (parallel) use of architecture with any open and/or closed-source algorithms (e.g. from the fields of linguistics, semantics and searches). We provide control access based on user rights, scalability to handle large volumes of inquiries, and maximum profitability because no large initial investment for licenses. Learn more

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