In today's fast moving environment many companies just don't have the luxury to keep reinventing the wheel. At the same time of course companies are very different and have experienced that relational data solutions are not capable of combining standardized industry templates with efficiency and effectiveness in rollout. Our semantic knowledge graph based solutions are breaking this mold by truly allowing our customers to leverage and capitalize on standards while being able to fully reflect their highly individual requirements. In addition to the benefits of standardization improved standardization,  eccenca is offering some of its vertical industry solutions as a service, further reducing time, risk and effort in the deployment process.




Regulatory Reporting for Banks


Financial institutions have a common challenge master ever growing regulatory burdens by maintaining compliance and keep pace with new lean FinTech startup. eccenca Corporate Memory combines data governance and data management best practices with innovative FIBO based data virtualization. This combination boost productivity in dataset and metadata management, empowers you to flexibly react upon new regulatory and reporting requirements and at the same time answer BCBS 239 requirements for a organizational data dictionary on a pay as you go basis.  Learn more



Building a Better Supply Chain with Better Data


Manufacturing executives need visibility up and down their supply chain, without it they are flying blind.  The eccenca Linked Data Suite is the ideal solution to start a supply chain optimization program for the Manufacturing Industry.  Linked Data is different than other information management tools used to manage a supply chain, but that difference makes all the difference. Learn More

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