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GDPR Solution Provider 2019 & RegTech Best in Class

The eccenca GDPR solution has been supporting companies with tackling the complex requirements of GDPR in a lean and efficient way right from the start. Renowned industry publications CIOApplications and Planet Compliance both acknowledge our pioneering role with the Top 10 listing as GDPR Solution Provider and RegTech Best in Class, respectively. Both list eccenca as the only German provider of a full-fledged GDPR solution in their Top 10.
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Avoiding Fines, Workload & High Expenses

– Your Challenges –

The many-to-many relations between domains and aspects of data management within a company.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not only a legal challenge. Above all, GDPR compliance is a cultural and technical challenge.

  • How do you ensure that the handling of personal data across all applications and departments is GDPR compliant?
  • Are you able to verify consent before any new data processing or marketing campaign?
  • Are you prepared to answer potentially 512 million EU citizens – all within one month of the request?

Relational databases, grown data silos and data models depending on proprietary applications do not answer the challenges. The obligations require maximum data transparency and data integration as well as a technically highly efficient execution process.

Isolated solution, restriction or scalability?

– Three Options to GDPR Compliance –

Companies can meet the regulatory requirements in three ways:

Option 1: Reprogram all legacy and new backend systems in compliance with GDPR. Keep data silos intact.

Option 2: Consolidate and limit the company to certain applications. Have these reprogrammed and phase out the remaining systems. Keep data silos intact and restrict your processing possibilities.

Option 3: Integrate a semantic data catalog using the eccenca GDPR Solution which:

  • solves GDPR compliance management centrally and completely at the metadata level and does not affect the source data,
  • does not restrict the existing applications in the company,
  • can easily be expanded to additional jurisdictions (e.g. MiFID II, PSD 2),
  • is scalable across departments, networks and companies.


Understand the technical implications of GDPR and compare your technological options.

Complete Data Transparency with the eccenca GDPR Solution

– Your Solution –

The eccenca GDPR Solution centrally relates and visualizes all personal data in a data map. The data distributed in the company is linked logically and across all applications with the data subjects, the legal bases as well as the specific processing purposes. An additional master data management is not necessary. The semantic data catalog contains only the metadata for all personal data available in the company.

This allows you to freely search, analyze and report your entire data landscape at any time. The solution integrates easily into the existing data landscape without disrupting the IT infrastructure. With the eccenca GDPR Solution you:

  • get a complete data map of the structure and content of personal data in the company,
  • ensure lean processes for analyzing your compliance status,
  • minimize the effort involved in Subject Access Requests, data changes and consent validations,
  • verify with minimal effort whether data processing is in compliance with the law,
  • manage comprehensive regulatory compliance.

GDPR-compliant Data Management: Lean, Efficient and Comprehensive

Meet the challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation with a lightweight semantic data management solution.


    Get clarity about all personal data within your company, its purpose and legal basis.


    Answer internal and external Subject Access Requests quickly and without additional overhead. Modify data company-wide.


    Analyze your data from multiple perspectives and across applications. Leverage new insights in successful campaigns.

DSGVO-Compliance-Dashboard für Audits und Prozessverfolgung in eccenca Corporate Memory GDPR Suite

    Count on full transparency on your GDPR compliance status at all times and report to your stakeholders in a concise way.


    Audit your compliance process reliably and react systematically to any necessary action.


    Protect yourself against fines and avoid additional workload for your employees and the IT infrastructure.


Understand the technical implications of GDPR and compare your technological options.